The company is engaged in Manufacturing of  Cold Rolled Steel Strips/coils and HRPO steel strips/coils. These products are used by wide range of user industries such as Auto Component, White Goods and Electrical Equipments etc.  The company supplies the goods to many reputed companies in the domestic industry covering Satyam Auto Components Ltd., Talbros Automotive Components,  Maharaja Appliances, Avon Tubetech, R. R. Autotech,  Neolite Industries, 

Industry Outlook
The product of the Company are used predominantly in the Auto Components, white goods and Electricals Equipments.   The company caters to the automotive components and the white goods sectors, both of which have a promising growth potential. The rural penetration of white  goods continues to  be extremely low in India inspite of a surge in the purchasing power in the rural economy.  As power availability improves, the demand for white goods in the rural economy shall drive the demand for the same in the country thereby leading to a demand for the products of the Company.