"ISO 9001 Certified Company "

MCIL has been certified as an ISO 9001 company by CVI and our standards of design, development, procurement, manufacturing, testing meet the most stringent international norms.

"Quality Policy"

"WE ARE IN BUSINESS ONLY BECAUSE OF OUR VALUED CUSTOMERS WHOSE POINT OF VIEW IS THE ONLY WAY FOR US TO SEE THINGS. WE DEDICATE ALL OUR RESOURCES TO DELIGHT OUR CUSTOMERS BY PROVIDING THEM QUALITY PRODUCTS & SERVICES". MCIL’s goods are goes through numerous quality checks and testing, to provide for optimum performance of the goods. Repeat orders from almost all our clients is a testimony to this fact.

"Cost effectiveness and competitive pricing"

MCIL provides value for money to it's clients. Its always the MCIL’s policy to give the best suitable and quality goods at the best competitive rates. MCIL takes pride in being single source supplier to many of its customers for the past many years which speaks volumes about the credibility and quality delivery of the Company.

"Customized Solutions "

MCIL also offers customized goods of different width and thickness as per customer requirements